At MyAura we use our no BS* (bad stuff) approach to life to create natural deodorants and antiperspirants.

ingredients you understand

Our skincare is formulated with only the good stuff like essential oils, prebiotics, arrowroot and botanically-derived scents that don’t disrupt your skin’s natural pH balance and naturally neautralise body odour.

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Coconut Oil

Renowned for moisturising the skin, antibacterial and helps neutralise odour


Helps to absorb moisture

Essential Oils

Help detoxify and open up your pores


Support healthy bacteria and restrict odour forming bacteria

Shea Butter

Anti-inflammatory and helps soothe your skin

Vitamin E

Helps to hydrate and protect your skin, reduce inflammation and assist in the healing process

locally made & Australian owned

We are proudly 100% Australian owned and all our products are locally-made in Melbourne. Our whole range is vegan and we are always striving towards a more sustainable formulation and packaging practices.


aluminium free

palm oil free

paraben free

sulphate free

colour free

synthetic free

Cruelty free