Thinking of switching to a natural deodorant and antiperspirant? Or just wondering what even is natural deodorant? Well here are the answers to some of the most common and important questions out there.

how it works

Getting rid of all the toxic BS (bad stuff) that’s been building up thanks to all those other non-natural deos doesn’t have to stink – literally. Here’s how it works and how our deodorant and antiperspirants can work for you, naturally.


A detox doesn’t happen in a day, in fact it could take a few days or weeks for your underarms to rebalance their natural ecosystem. See, the more you’ve used and have been exposed to harsh chemicals or ethanol (typically used by generic brands) in the past, the longer the process is likely to take.


Get scrubbing! Yep exfoliating with a loofah or sponge is one of the first steps, because it helps remove the build up of sweat and odour-causing bacteria sitting on the surface of the skin.


Yep underarm masks do exist and they're great at helping you kick start that detox process as you transition to a kinder, natural way to treat your underarms.


You are what you eat! Or in this case what you eat is how you smell. What you eat directly affects your body odour. So you guessed it, a balanced diet will help reduce B.O.

Top Questions

How do natural deodorants and antiperspirants work?

MyAura natural deodorants and antiperspirants aim to complement your natural scent, not mask it. By using natural ingredients our products work with your biochemistry and daily demands, so that you can get back to being your best self, naturally. A little more info for you, our botanically-derived scents are created from a range of natural essential oils designed to work on their own or with each other, sometimes this may mean that a particular scent doesn’t work with your body’s natural chemistry which is completely natural. It’s a bit like dating in a way, you got to give a few a go to find the one.

What are the benefits of natural deodorants and antiperspirants?

It’s been demonstrated that when your sweat mixes with the aluminium in non-natural antiperspirants, it can cause those dreaded yellow stains on your shirts. Switching to an aluminium-free deodorant can help avoid them. Meaning your favourite top or dress lasts a lot longer. The ingredients are also recognisable and generally regarded as safe, making it comforting to know exactly what you’re putting on your body. Natural deodorants contain antibacterial agents to reduce the number of bacteria that feed on sweat and odours that lead to all that smelly business. Natural deodorants won’t halt sweat. Instead, they work to minimise odour when things start to heat up. MyAura antiperspirants don’t just smell good thanks to their natural essential oils, but also help keep your skin soft thanks to pro-vitamin B5, whilst the prebiotics help support healthy bacteria which means less odour forming bacteria found in your underarms.

Is MyAura deodorant an antiperspirant?

Yes. We use plant-based ingredients, not that nasty pore clogging aluminiums, to reduce and absorb sweat naturally, by tightening pores and trapping the odour, giving your body a well-deserved chance to breathe and release toxins naturally.

How do I apply deodorant?

Hold the deodorant under your arm momentarily to soften with body heat. The softened formula will now help absorb more evenly onto the skin. Gently apply a thin, even layer, swiping 1–2 times. To combat odour we suggest reapplying 2–3 times per day.

Does MyAura actually work?

Our deodorants are formulated without the infamous aluminium which is known to block pores and prevent the body’s natural process of sweating. Did you know that not being able to sweat isn’t so great for you? So instead, we use high-quality plant-based ingredients like the essential oils in our fragrances, that don’t mask your natural scent and rather work to enhance it, whilst our formula works to keep you feeling fresh without clogging your pores or preventing you from sweating. Ahhh that’s better! Our products are full to the rim of the good stuff making them extremely effective, without the need for the bad that comes with artificial fragrance, aluminium or fillers like water, alcohol or propylene glycol.

Does MyAura Antiperspirant actually work?

Yes. MyAura antiperspirants are formulated with quality plant-based ingredients that are effective in absorbing wetness and neutralising odour without the use of ethanol, parabens, sulphates, artificial fragrances, colours or palm oil. So these don’t just smell good thanks to their natural essential oils, but also help keep your skin soft thanks to pro-vitamin B5, whilst the prebiotics help support healthy bacteria which means less odour forming bacteria found in your underarms

Are MyAura products made in Australia?

Yes. Our products are made in Melbourne and we are 100% Australian Owned.

Are MyAura products free-from Aluminium, SLS, SLES, Parabens, Artificial Fragrances or Colours?

Yes. You won’t find any of that BS (bad stuff) in our products.

Does MyAura test their products on animals?

No way! We only test on ourselves, friends and family.


Does MyAura use artificial/synthetic oils?

No. MyAura has developed a range of natural essential oils designed to work on their own or with each other. It’s important to understand that natural essential oils are very different to those toxic chemical fragrances and have a different strength to them. You can expect our scents to be strongest when first applied and then gradually dissipate after a few hours. Re-applying several times a day is recommended if not encouraged to avoid the build of odour, so go on enjoy the good stuff as much as you want!

Do MyAura antiperspirants have baking soda?

No. We use Bamboo Stem Extract to absorb wetness and reduce odour. Whilst baking soda is effective at absorbing sweat and odour causing bacteria, it’s more alkaline than your skin, which means it could disrupt your skin’s natural pH balance causing irritations.

Is Arrowroot safe for sensitive skin?

Yes. Arrowroot is all good in our books, it’s an anti-irritant making it safe for sensitive skin. It not only moisturises the skin but helps draw out toxins and impurities and absorb wetness without staining clothes or clogging pores.

Is Bamboo Stem extract safe for sensitive skin?

Yes. Bamboo Stem extract is an anti-irritant making it safe for sensitive skin. It helps strengthen your skin’s barrier to help absorb wetness without staining clothes or clogging pores.

Do MyAura Antiperspirants have alcohol?

No. In our ingredients listing you can find Benzyl Alcohol, which is commonly used as a preservative in many natural skincare products. Whilst the term “alcohol” is used in the name, it does not contain any ethanol, which is what you might be concerned about.

My Roll-on Antiperspirant’s ball is jammed!

This can happen if the formula has dried over the ball, but it’s usually an easy fix. Try pressing down firmly and rolling it back and forth on a piece of fabric.

Are MyAura products suitable for vegans?

Yes. All of our products are VEGAN, how good is that!


I have sensitive skin, do I need to do a patch test?

Everyone is different so that’s always a good idea, just to make sure an irritation doesn’t occur.

Will MyAura stain my clothing?

No nasty aluminum in our products means those yellow stains are unlikely. These pain in the ass yellow sweat stains are often the result of a chemical reaction between your body and aluminium salts found in antiperspirants. This chemical reaction produces yellow-coloured deposits that remain stuck in the fibres of your clothing. To give those stains next to no fighting chance, we recommend that you avoid over-applying and ensure your underarms are dry before application. Avoiding tight clothing and synthetic fabrics can also help with the cause. But it is important to note that yellow stains may also occur without any antiperspirant ingredients.

Why isn’t the packaging recyclable?

We’re currently working hard on this to find the right packaging technology that will allow our natural, chemical free products to remain fresh and environmentally friendly. So, stay tuned!

Why do I need to store MyAura products below 30 degrees?

A natural formula with no chemical stabilisers means our deos or antiperspirants are likely to melt or soften when exposed to high temperatures like being left in your letterbox or car.

How do I remove the clear cover on the stick deodorant?

Easy, just remove the lid and slightly twist the stick upwards to push the stick up, this will expose the edges of the plastic cover, which you should be able to gently remove.